Monday, March 27, 2017


Silly than sedate
Old and young, herd in concert
Chaos the new norm


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Book Review - A Walk In The Rain by Udai Yadla

Most of us love to walk in the rain. For once to shed all our inhibitions and allow the drops to quench our reticence and let us be. A look at the cover page and you may well be mistaken to think it to be the same. A story of a young couple madly in love running around trees made for a cozy reading with a hot coffee besides your window on a lazy rainy afternoon. But then there is a lot more than what meets the eye.


~      ISBN – 978-9-38-578376-0
~      Category: Fiction
~      Genre: Romantic Thriller
~      Publishers: Kyron Publications
~      Price: Rs.199/-
~      Pages: 234
~      I received the book from Writers Melon for review.

About the Author

Udai Yadla, Mechanical engineer by education, Software engineer by profession, Writer by passion is what he likes to say about himself. He had been nominated for Forbes Celebrity 100 List for 2015.

My Thoughts

The prologue and the way the story moves forward makes you believe that it is a script wrapped in a novel and frankly speaking it doesn’t disappoint on that point.

Two completely different people are brought together by fate. One full of life and other with fear of rejection instilled deep down. They feed off each other and subconsciously develop a liking towards each other. When things started looking positive for them, fate had different plans. With an untimely stroke of fate they were separated without a chance of exchanging pleasantries one last time. With no way to find the other, each one moved on with life. But then life has different means to make you go crazy and spell bound all at once. On one dark and gory night after about two decades they face each other albeit as strangers trying to make things right. As they get together and move towards their common target, their lives entwined a lot more than they would have thought or wanted.

The research and the process of writing may not be excellent, but having said that the author has a very easy flow and style of writing. So also the story glides seamlessly through the flashbacks and back to the present. Like all romantic thrillers the book has it all lust, love, violence, thrill and drama constantly changing frames. It starts of slow and is medium paced all through. It becomes to predicable as it progresses and also defies logic at many a places than one would have liked.

It is a kind of book I would recommend for the ones who are not a regular reader of romantic thrillers and are in for a easy paced dramatic love story with a happy ending.

Fruit Verdict

It’s like a half ripe banana, plucked before it could be ripe enough for consumption.

♦ ♦ ♦


Friday, November 18, 2016


Serene Black sky new
Fireball glowing amber hue
Sun kissed full moon blew


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Movie Character I Want to Play #TadkaTuesday

We are all in some way or the other fascinated by the stories that are created on the celluloid, knowing fully well that they are imaginative and ingenious to say the least with an exemption of some being inspired from true events.
We have all lived vicariously the journey of the characters while watching a movie with some even carrying the feeling home. Who doesn’t want to be in a dreamland living a life “king-size”? With living in huge mansions, traveling in private jets, so on and so forth. With everything at your command, life being at ease with things around and with there being always a happy ending. Who wouldn’t want such a life and I being no exception. But then there are so many movies and numerous characters that have transported me to a utopian world, if I may use that here.
But then when I was asked this question there is one character that stood tall amongst scores of others that have made me identify with them. The biggest reason amongst others was that it would be every aspiring man’s dream life. It is that of Kabir Thapar aka Bunny in the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.
Kabir at one hand has a dream job of traveling around the world and covering the best that the universe offers so also gets to experience the finer things in life first hand. But then on the other hand he has shown that to achieve you got to dream first - “care to dream & dare to achieve” is brought out clearly by him and I would love to live by that cliché. He has shown a strong desire to go for his dreams and was ready to make whatever sacrifices that were needed. That is another aspect that inspired me and made identify with him.
Also Kabir brings to the board another very important aspect that we lack in our society, is that of agreeing to disagree. Kabir has been brutally honest throughout the movie, which is what I am too. He is a very social person but managed to keep his personal life separate. That brings me another facet of his personality and which I dearly adore in my life is that having you close group of people, for whom  you would always want to go that extra mile.
So to wrap it up I would just not want to play the character but imbibe and reproduce all of his aesthetics in everyday life.
This post has been written for #TadkaTuesday
If you are wondering what is #TadkaTuesday, it is a bloghop for all things entertainment. For further details click the image below.



Wednesday, June 22, 2016

5 Takeaways From #PM #Modi's Speech To The #US #Congress


Source: PTI Photo
  1. Always touch base with common factors with the host and you will immediately build a lasting connection.
  2. Use humor in your speech no matter how professional the occasion and formal the speech may be.
  3. It’s irrelevant that you have a heavy vernacular accent to your English, it’s your confidence, presentation and eloquence is all that matters not even your vocabulary.
  4. Make discreet use of aphorism to help drive your point through without having to offend anyone.
  5. Most Important - remember time is an essence of a speech and therefore don’t drag your topics to a point that you lose your audience.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

55 Fiction # 27 - First Love

Could never have had enough, but it was time to make a call. To do or not to do was the question that kept oscillating in her mind freaking her out. After maneuvering her mind for long hours she could finally come to terms with it and decided to return the book to the library.

 ~ Karan 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

An Ode to Maa

To tribute my Mother who I fondly call #Maa even using all alphabets in all probable attributable words would not be enough and certainly not enough is a day. So I do it in my small way. We always get interested in celebrating things on a larger scale and in grand style. But what we forget is life is celebrated the most in mundane and smaller things that we do and appreciate in the simplest way.

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