Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Movie Character I Want to Play #TadkaTuesday

We are all in some way or the other fascinated by the stories that are created on the celluloid, knowing fully well that they are imaginative and ingenious to say the least with an exemption of some being inspired from true events.
We have all lived vicariously the journey of the characters while watching a movie with some even carrying the feeling home. Who doesn’t want to be in a dreamland living a life “king-size”? With living in huge mansions, traveling in private jets, so on and so forth. With everything at your command, life being at ease with things around and with there being always a happy ending. Who wouldn’t want such a life and I being no exception. But then there are so many movies and numerous characters that have transported me to a utopian world, if I may use that here.
But then when I was asked this question there is one character that stood tall amongst scores of others that have made me identify with them. The biggest reason amongst others was that it would be every aspiring man’s dream life. It is that of Kabir Thapar aka Bunny in the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.
Kabir at one hand has a dream job of traveling around the world and covering the best that the universe offers so also gets to experience the finer things in life first hand. But then on the other hand he has shown that to achieve you got to dream first - “care to dream & dare to achieve” is brought out clearly by him and I would love to live by that cliché. He has shown a strong desire to go for his dreams and was ready to make whatever sacrifices that were needed. That is another aspect that inspired me and made identify with him.
Also Kabir brings to the board another very important aspect that we lack in our society, is that of agreeing to disagree. Kabir has been brutally honest throughout the movie, which is what I am too. He is a very social person but managed to keep his personal life separate. That brings me another facet of his personality and which I dearly adore in my life is that having you close group of people, for whom  you would always want to go that extra mile.
So to wrap it up I would just not want to play the character but imbibe and reproduce all of his aesthetics in everyday life.
This post has been written for #TadkaTuesday
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  1. Bunny in yeh jawani hai deewani is my favourite too. It was a fun role played fantastically by Ranbir kapoor. Sometimes it makes you wonder if its even possible to have a life like the character played by Ranbir Kapoor in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani? Thanks a lot for writing for #TadkaTuesday.:)

    1. I would like to believe that it certainly is possible to have life like that provided you are ready to make the sacrifices required ;)
      It was a pleasure writing for #TadkaTuesday :)
      Thanks for dropping by :)

  2. Oh yes! Bunny in Yeh Jawaani...was one guy who lived life on his own terms - a trait many of us would love to imbibe as we mostly spend our lives trying to please others, or living by the rules others made for us. I admire that young man, for sure!

    1. I totally agree there Shilpa. We are more worried about what the society thinks and try and follow the set rules rather than attempt to chart our own paths.
      Welcome to scribble :)

  3. I really don't know if I would love to live as Bunny, but the ideology and the principles of the character I do relate to. Thank You for writing for #TadkaTuesday Karan, and a very warm welcome back the blogosphere was missing you :)

    1. Thanks to you for pulling me here, I am already writing more :) Thanks a ton!


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