Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Untold Story

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I went to a party, Mom
I did not drink,
as u had said, Mom

I felt really good inside,
as u had mentioned,
I would feel,
If I keep that aside

didn't not drink and drive,
The way you thought,
I would,
Even though I was told,
I should,
They said, it’s a thrill,
still I held on to my will

Finally the party was ending,
Out of sight,
Everyone was going,
I felt proud, thing
I had done was right

As I got in the car,
I knew I had to be home safe,
I braced the belt and checked the brake

I pulled on to the road,
Slow I was on the node
But the other car,
Just struck me like a load
Motionless I was lying on the road
Many injuries I boar,
the other guy was drunk,
I heard the policeman roar

This is not fair, Mom
the guy who hit me is walking,
while I’m unable to do any talking

There is a lot of blood around,
Most of which is mine,
The medic says,
I will die in short time

I wish someone had told him,
Not to drink and drive
If so, I would still be alive,
Probably he was at a party as I,
only difference was, he drank
and I will die

I am losing breath,
My thoughts are fading,
I wish you reach in time,
I swear Mom,
didn't dink and drive

My last wish, this
An untold story, Mom
Reaches everyone in time,
didn't drink,
It was others who didn't think,
I wish everyone now thinks,
So no one’s life is ruined in a wink

Be fore I say good bye,
I ask a question Mom,
didn't drink and drive,
So why am I the one to die?


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