Sunday, November 4, 2012


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It was Diwali and we had assembled at our farm house for the Annual Family Get-together. Ours was a very big family. My father had four brothers and two sisters. My dad was the eldest of all. Each one had two children's and we were all a power pack bunch.

This was big fat party and everyone was having a gala of a time. The uncles were having their drinks and game of billiards. The aunties were on a high with their society and kitty party gossips. We cousins were having our share of fun. The smaller kids were on the dance floor while some lazy ones of us had resigned to the couch.

There was static silence as my dad was wheel chaired inside the house. None of them could believe their eyes. The big man of the family was down to this. He was a father figure to everyone present there. It was only now that everyone was informed that he was diagnosed with Cancer a few months back and currently undergoing chemo cycles.

The sense of oneness, the fact that we all were connected through blood was very evident. Each one felt his pain as though we were experiencing it ourself.

My heart wrenched seeing him like this. We had always seen him as one of the most joyful, spirited and always on the go, and fun loving person. One who always was shoulder to shoulder with all the kids in all the mischief’s and pranks. He always defied his age. Our family patriarch was losing his shine. Was this going to be his last Diwali with us, my heart questioned with moist eyes. I was startled at this thought. Will the Celebrations ever be same again without him being around. I was fumbling and lost for words and it was the mood around.

He being our mentor and guiding light all through our lives could sense it well. He called all of us to the hall. He raised a toast to all of us and got up braving the pain and difficulty. He then went on to say something which completely changed our outlook towards life:

I see all of you are sad and have grown sympathetic towards me. This is not what I warrant and have never felt so helpless ever before. I have lived my life on my terms and never surrendered to any the challenges life has thrown to me, I have taken them on the chin always and will continue to do so.

                    “Some of us will get cancer,
                the coronary disease will hit some,
                Sudden accidents will happen,
                also the deadly disease will come.
                Some may fall to an epidemic,
                few may be victim of error,
                Some may still survive,
                try and revive.

                We may grudge,
                but it is a fact,
                We cannot nudge.

                It will keep dripping,
                boundaries of our lives,
                telling us how unsure,
                everything is.

                Eventually it will get,
                to each one of us
                Its only certain,
                why then it,
                still haunts us.”

I don’t need an Occasion
I celebrate life,
Life to me is a journey,
Where I am on Bon Voyage
Where everyday is a Celebration!!!


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