Tuesday, September 11, 2012

55 Fiction # 6 - Blessing in Disguise

When one brought difficulty,
The other rescued.
When one got me irritated,
The other helped adjust.
When one has me down and out,
Other springs me to life.
One possess stubbornness,
Another is complaisant.
Many say it’s difficult,
To even benefit from one.
I feel it’s blessing in disguise,
To be born on a Cusp!!!

                                 - KARAN

55 Fiction # 5 - Relationship

a year had passed,
not a word she offered,
when she had vanished,
neither had he asked,
but why? she always wondered

Monday, September 3, 2012

Strangers in the Night

Its morning, shouts the alarm!!!
In bed, I still lie calm
You are already in the bathroom
I’ve to use the other room

I’m ready, Oh my hair is not done
gelling the crop I also put perfume
You are in the car, I get
the aroma makes u hume
but to comment u resist
I feel my new cut, you notice
I want to insist,
but the urge to ask I dismiss

On way to work
Talking is a big task
Its been busy day
In the evening, how was the day
I wish, you ask

I come home, its
back to usual ritual
you give me ritual hug
I pour you coffee
in the usual mug

On your chest
my head I rest
our hearts are at mess
wish its just stress
all work and no play
god please bless this bed,
where strangers in the night lay
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