Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Untold Story

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I went to a party, Mom
I did not drink,
as u had said, Mom

I felt really good inside,
as u had mentioned,
I would feel,
If I keep that aside

didn't not drink and drive,
The way you thought,
I would,
Even though I was told,
I should,
They said, it’s a thrill,
still I held on to my will

Finally the party was ending,
Out of sight,
Everyone was going,
I felt proud, thing
I had done was right

As I got in the car,
I knew I had to be home safe,
I braced the belt and checked the brake

I pulled on to the road,
Slow I was on the node
But the other car,
Just struck me like a load
Motionless I was lying on the road
Many injuries I boar,
the other guy was drunk,
I heard the policeman roar

This is not fair, Mom
the guy who hit me is walking,
while I’m unable to do any talking

There is a lot of blood around,
Most of which is mine,
The medic says,
I will die in short time

I wish someone had told him,
Not to drink and drive
If so, I would still be alive,
Probably he was at a party as I,
only difference was, he drank
and I will die

I am losing breath,
My thoughts are fading,
I wish you reach in time,
I swear Mom,
didn't dink and drive

My last wish, this
An untold story, Mom
Reaches everyone in time,
didn't drink,
It was others who didn't think,
I wish everyone now thinks,
So no one’s life is ruined in a wink

Be fore I say good bye,
I ask a question Mom,
didn't drink and drive,
So why am I the one to die?


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  1. I have read this Poem before :) ..
    It is heart wrenching!
    All the best for BAT 32.


  2. thanx Megha, it indeed is
    i read an article on it last weekend and borrowed the last para in verbatim from there and also some other words :)

  3. No wonder it spunded familiar...still good indeed

  4. Yeah me too.. had read something like this in chicken Soup for teenagers or something.. goodluck for BAT

  5. Breathtakingly poignant. A drink and drive from the eyes of a victim who didn't drink and drive. Wow. My heart bleeds for such victims and their families who for no fault of theirs fall prey to mindless insensitivities of others. Very well written Karan! Best wishes for BAT!

    1. yeah its heart wrenching and veey sad for the one who suffers this

  6. I love the timing of the rhyming. Makes it a very easy read.

  7. Loved the theme of the poem, very well expressed :)

    Do visit mine

    1. glad you liked it :)
      happy to have u here...keep dropping in

  8. Good one. The words flowed together. :) ATB for BAT. :)

  9. Brilliant!!! ... I had not read anything like this earlier ... Even if something like this appeared somewhere else I believe a message like this should be told and retold ...

    The Shitt Analysis - Interpretation from a Tilted Angle

  10. I have read this concept before, but your words, had a much more impact. beautifully penned.The title best justified with a good message

    1. welcome to scribble
      thank u so much for such kind words

  11. Though i have read this concept before, your words had more impact.beautifully penned.The title best justified with a good message

  12. hey Karan! really liked the poem.. it was touching; beautifully written in a layman's language and concerning a layman..
    wishes for BAT :)

    1. welcome to my scribblings...glad u liked it :)

  13. Very good message conveyed with vehemence. Good One Karan.

  14. simple yet complex message delivered beutifully.

    1. thank u chips...welcome to scribble...glad to 've u here :)

  15. This one sounds familiar but hey you incorporated the theme well in this. My favorite of the lot i should say :)
    +Not Just My Allegories+

    1. that makes me happy and proud...thanx a ton!!!
      keep reflecting :)

  16. Touching poem. Hope all those who drink and drive learn a lesson from this!!

    1. was waiting for ur comment...i sincerely hope for the same

  17. Interesting how the words flowed effortlessly with the emotions.Great job!

    1. thanx Panchali for such kind means a lot :)

  18. Loved the flow and the theme. Nicely done :-)

  19. I loved the way you have written this poem, though a poem on similar lines has been published earlier on poemhunter :) Keep writing.

    Someone is Special

    1. that coming from u is a big compliment...keep inspiring :)


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