Thursday, June 18, 2015

Say No To Body Odor

One of the most important of the five senses a human is blessed with is the sense of smell. Even without seeing someone we realise who has come or left just by the smell. Like each thing and place has a distinct smell, each one of us also does. But not every smell is pleasant and has fond memories associated with.

In a city like Bombay or for that matter any other metropolis traveling is sore point of one’s daily routine. As it gets worse when you are trying to wriggle out yourself to a place to somehow stand, and a guy just out of the gym comes and stands next to you or when you are jostling for a leash of fresh air in the lift a person drenched in stinky sweat stands right in front of you.

Have you ever though that even you can be the one at who is the trouble maker or the because of whom the fellow commuters are at receiving end of a bad odor. How about asking your friends, how do you smell? How difficult it gets to even just to comprehend such a thought right?

So how does one deal with a bad odor of a friend, acquaintance or for that matter a stark stranger one is meeting for the first time? This gets even difficult to comprehend. What if the person is offended? What if the person is feels insulted and gets angry? What if?

To find a permanent solution of dealing with this menace of bad odor and to find answers to all of the above questions BlogAdda decided to step in and get people from various walks of life together under one roof to rack their brains over the same.

It turned out to be an interesting session where blindfolded people tried to associate a smell with a personality. Some associated onions to a guy working out in gym or a sales executive returning from a field day. For some an essence stick is was a model. Some people let their creativity flow, like for an For one interesting soul on someone telling you about your bad body odor, it was time to do a root cause analysis, really!! and so and so forth.

But finally better sense prevailed and we discovered some simple things that we can to do in everyday life to avoid bad odor. Things like eating habits, exercising, bathing and most importantly using the right deodorant.

The revelation was that the most opt time to apply the deodorant is just before you go to sleep. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But yes it stays for around 24 hours and doesn’t wear off even after the shower in the morning, it keeps blocking the pores.

What more could one have asked for, but no this was not the end. Here sprang a surprise. Supermodel turned actor and a fitness freak Arjun Rampal enters the scene. Squash buckling and charming as ever he reveals the secret to get rid of the persistent bad body odor and it was this - sniff a little and you come to know #SniffSniff

I attended the #SniffSniff product unveiling event by BlogAdda in association with Nivea.


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