Sunday, July 1, 2012


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A car screeched to halt, 
Another one hit her with a jolt

She fell to the ground,
Unconscious, bruised and wound

At the hospital
Decisions had to be bold,
She may not walk at all
Feared Dr's, we were told

In a while She woke
Still in shock
Unable to talk

Somehow she spoke,
At the end of it
I just broke

Let me tell you
How it stoke

Girl steps out of the gate,
Is hit by a car straight

She is at the steps
Running on to the road,
To be careful, by the Mother
She was told

She was in the lift
Itching to hold the gift
For it was her b'day
And her father was home with it

A while back
She was at the office gate,
Seeing off her mate
Hurry up, her mother roar,
Only "Two Minutes"
She cuddled at the door

At this i went numb,
For if not for that "Two Minutes"
In the hospital,
She would not have come

PS:"I wish time could be rolled back, for so many two minutes, could be corrected up the stack"

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  1. Very nicely written and you rhymed it well..

  2. Karan,

    I love reading your poem and already read twice.. Keep writing more and more..

    Someone is Special

  3. @Anajali: thnx for d compliments :)

    @SIS: thank u for such encouraging words it makes a word of good...!!!

  4. Hey Karan, its a beautifully rhymed poem, loved the content as well .... keeep writing

  5. @menachery: glad you loved it, keeping dropping by

  6. JJ,

    thanx, welcome to scrible...
    keep dropping by

  7. If only we could bring back such 'Two Minutes'!!

  8. Didn`t think a poetic take possible for this topic but kudos to you for it :)

  9. @aativas:
    i so wish the same ;)

    thank you so much...wateva i start writing i first think about a poetic take


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