Sunday, January 5, 2014

Book Review - I Am Life by Shraddha Soni

Life has always been a fascinating subject for me. It has never been sartorial but still it has something about it which keeps me intrigued to keep exploring.

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~      ISBN – 9788184003581
~      Category: Fiction/Philosophy
~      Genre: Self help/Spirituality
~      Publishers: Random House
~      Price: Rs. 250/-
~      Pages: 186

About the Author

Shraddha Soni is a natural healer who has been practicing pranic healing, reiki, clinical hypnosis for the last 16 years. Her clients include top celebrities from all over the world. She has a huge following in Bombay.

My Thoughts

It’s a very refreshing take on the subject by the author. The philosophical and deeper meaning of life is very well explained throughout the book. Even though philosophical it doesn’t feel dragged and keeps you hooked till the end. Its uncommon for Indian author’s to write something with such a far-reaching effect. This type of writing is yet to make a dent in Indian publishing. For a first timer the author has done a commendable job.
But I am a tad disappointed with the author’s bio. It is one thing through which a reader really connects with the author and aspires to be one.

Fruit Verdict

This book is like a Plum, it’s sweet and sour but you enjoy it till the last bite.

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Stars: ♦ ♦ ♦ 1/2

                                                                   -     Karan

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