Tuesday, January 14, 2014

55 Fiction # 15 – First Battle

Source: Google Images

Bugle blown, war announced,
Buckling his baggage, loading his armor,
He feared to be trounced

Clearly visible on his face, anxiety of first operation,
Though his eyes showed determination

Nearing the battlefield he perspire,
Thinking of impending future dire

With huge roar the attack commenced,
Before he could realize, on Kurla station he was dispensed!!!

                                                                           - karan

Author's Note: All the Mumbaikars who have had the privilege of traveling on the local trains and getting down at Kurla station will relate to this one :P


  1. Kurla station or any station , its all the same. Survival of the fittest in Mumbai

    1. I agree Kalpana, with each passing day every station has started to become Kurla ;(

  2. Life's situation beautifully woven !!
    Agree with every word !!

    1. auhh!!! thank you so much for such kind words Veena :)


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