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Cafe Review - Cafe Coffee Day, Flora Fountain

Being a Gujju I am hopelessly foodie and love to explore different delicacies and experience varieties from beverages hot and cold, to desserts and anything that goes on and off with food. 

About the Café

Café Coffee Day is division of India's largest coffee conglomerate, the Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Limited (ABCTCL), popularly known as Coffee Day. With Asia's second-largest network of coffee estates (10,500 acres) and 11,000 small growers, Coffee Day has a rich and abundant source of coffee. This coffee goes all over the world to clients across the USA, Europe and Japan, making us one of the top coffee exporters in the country.
Their mission is to be the best Cafe chain by offering a world class coffee experience at affordable prices.

                                                                                                              Source: Google Images

My Thoughts

But when I visited their outlet at Flora Fountain (Hutatma Chowk), Mumbai I simply found that they were not even near to getting there anytime soon. Or if I can say with the kind of service they offered they have a misplaced mission. (Cafe Coffee Day - Cox N Kings Yusuf Building, Veer Nariman Road, Flora Fountain, Fort, Mumbai)

I have been an ardent customer of CCD and have chosen it over any other café wherever they have their outlet in the vicinity where I am visiting. I have been to scores of their stores across the country, but never have I found such a lethargic approach and such disservice to the customer.

I had been to their outlet at Fort couple of Sunday’s back, which is at stone’s throw distance from a Starbucks. I was there with a bunch of friends. One of us insisted on us visiting Starbucks but the others like me were ardent CCD customers and therefore the majority vote prevailed.

While we were there it was quite hot outside and therefore we requested the manager to put on the AC and t our surprise we were informed that the same was not working. There were around 16 people in the lounge and only one AC working which made everyone a little uncomfortable.

To add insult to the injury on placing our order we were informed the beverages requested were not available. They were just printed on the menu as that is standard and uniformed one. Out of 8 Fruiteazers only 1 was available, while only 1 out of 4 Frappe’s could be ordered. This was ridiculous to know that even after spending reasonably more then what one would spend on a beverage outside we have to bear with substandard service and ambience. This also belittles the high standard CCD wants to set for themselves to reach their mission.

On the contrary, as informed by my friend who insisted on us visiting Starbucks, it offers anything and everything on their Menu. Not only that, they also offer to customize it for you and at your preferred temperature and as per your taste.

Now I am in a dilemma whether should I still be loyal to the substandard service provider like CCD or should I give a fare chance to Starbucks and see how I am impressed?

Fruit Verdict

The experience was as bitter as a bitter gourd.

                                                                      Source: Google Images

Stars:  (only for, finally I could manage to get one thing to drink)

 -          karan


  1. I am the friend who recommended Starbucks that day and our pockets decided to lead us to CCD.
    But neither CCD nor CCD lounge is cheap
    the service is rather pathetic and the costs are sky high. Whatever mentioned here is the truth, it was fun watching Karan order things and for everything he wanted the CCD person said no (I prefer not calling them waiters or servers).
    I am neither a rich kid nor a snob, if I am going to pay 100 bucks for a small cup of coffee or a ice filled pomegranate drink (had it at Bandstand CCD), where it was difficult to drink what I ordered but ended up paying 125 something for the same, I WOULD RATHER PAY 150 AND GET WHATEVER IS ON THE MENU JUST THE WAY IT SHOULD BE. The capslock rage because I realized that for the cost of the two outings I could have had a decent outing at Starbucks.
    Earlier I would cringe at the very mention of starbucks, now am waiting for the one at inorbit vashi to open up. Their product and service both are top notch. Though most people who have had it abroad say that there it is better.

    1. true Sud very true, and bdw welcome to scribble
      honored to have ur first comment on my blog :P

  2. Previously even I was a loyal fan of CCD but a terrible experience at one of their outlet has made me hate them. They have forgotten that they are in the service sector and need to be professional.

    Hope the top level management reads and take appropriate steps. :)

    1. yes they have totally forgotten that aspect of their business, I have posted the link on their official FB page and also on tagged them on twitter, lets see if that falls of deaf ears or whether they bother to reply atleast.

      Welcome to scribble Aditi, keep reflecting :)

  3. Hey Karan it's good you blogged bout it.i never thought that ccid service is bad!!! I am a self confessed barista fan but do enjoy CCD from time to time..bad service sucks.

    1. it sucks big time Vishal, it was way too pathetic to come across such a service when you are paying way too much than what you usually pay at a regular cafe.

  4. haha sounds like a bummer. I am not much of a CCD guy, if I go outside for eating, it is usually for a good meal, so Starbucks nor CCD is on my list. But one of my vegan friends visited CCD recently and he even did a video blog of it, and his experience was quite in contrast to yours haha. Check it out..

    Check it out here:

    1. good for him, lucky him :)
      I have got a repeated bad experience at their stores, the only exception for me has been their lounge at CR2, Nariman Point and I and glad about that :)


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