Friday, August 8, 2014

Lost Message

He had been religiously reading her blog, following her page and left comments very frequently. Taking undue advantage of the genre and language of her latest post, he subtly put forward that question under a veil in his comment.

He kept revisiting the post many times every day to check on her response, but was left disappointed every single time, as not just he could not see any reply but his comment itself was not published.
Having lost patience he confronted her about the same. To which she cannily replied “Ohh I am so sorry, I deleted it by mistake.”


  1. Oh it is 1 blogger' s way of expressing it and the other Bloggers way to rejecting it....

  2. Oh interesting. The perks and the disadvantages of comment moderation. But then he should have asked her directly maybe his message would have gotten across.

    1. may be, but then may be he was wary of offending her.

  3. Pretty interesting I would say!


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