Monday, September 15, 2014

Paradoxical Jennifer

The Beginning

Team - Wings Of Change
Chapter 1 - The Beginning 
Chapter2 - Roohi Revelation 
Chapter 3 - Sleepless Nights

Chapter 4 -  Paradoxical Jennifer

Jennifer was getting impatient and there were still four days to go. It was getting very difficult for her.  She was caught in between ‘To’ or ‘Not To’ and it was really getting onto her. Unable to hold back anymore she decided to go for it, still not completely sure what would be it like coming face to face with Roohi after almost a decade of living in exile?  However she was least interested living that moment before it actually arrived. In veracity she was deep down scared, just thinking of that moment sent shivers down her spine. Nevertheless gathering all her courage she dialed the nurse’s number to get it touch with the adoption agency for Roohi’s address. She did not want to get in touch with Shekhar or Tara and risk giving them a chance to slip out of her reach in case they had changed their mind.

Pleading with the adoption agency and playing a few emotional cards she somehow managed to convince them to disclose the address. She immediately booked herself on the next flight to Mumbai. The couple of hours on the flight were the toughest for her. Coming out of the airport she headed straight to Roohi’s school, the details of which she had managed to get out of the nurse just before boarding on to the flight. But as fate might have it, she missed the time just by a whisker and Roohi was already inside the car. She decided to follow the car in her cab. Just a few kilometers into the chase she lost the car owing to the snail’s pace and tangling traffic on the roads of Mumbai. Dejected she asked the cabbie to head to her hotel, which she had booked on pretext of an emergency at work she had reasoned with her husband as her need to be in Mumbai. She worked as an ace photo journalist for a leading newspaper in Kerala. Where going on such impromptu assignment was a common thing and thus her husband was easily convinced.

The running around all day had made her very tired and no sooner she landed up on the bed she passed out.  She was up early the next morning and all determined like a cop on a mission. Still tired and groggy eyed she set out for her destination right away. She once again started the trail behind Roohi’s car towards the school. They stopped outside a temple and she followed them in. She had still not had a single glimpse of her daughter and was desperately seeking one. As soon as she found Roohi walking out alone she made a dash towards her. Unable to hold back her anxiety and happiness she tapped Roohi’s shoulder and turned her around. Overwhelmed to see Roohi after so many years she gave her a tight hug and kissed her on her forehead announcing to her that she is her mother. In spur of the moment she blurted out it all about Roohi being adopted daughter of Shekhar and Tara. The memories of that night came flooding back and Roohi ran outside the temple screaming ‘Please don’t leave me, papa’, Please don’t’ leave me.’ Just as she stepped out, few steps away from Shekhar as she was crossing the road oblivious to the surroundings, a car rammed into her and came to a screeching halt with Roohi lying in a pool of blood on the bonnet. Flabbergasted Jennifer ran towards her, and screaming No…No…No…Roooooohhhiii she got up with a start sweating and gasping. Only to realize she was in her bedroom in Kerala and it was just a nightmare. Taking a deep breath she gulped down a glass of cold water and thanked god for this second chance. She promised herself never to reveal anything to Roohi but the desperation for that one glimpse of her daughter was still there. The desire to hold her and embrace her was not ready to leave and once again she was caught in between ‘To’ or ‘Not To’

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