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To Be Or Not To Be

Team: Wings of Change

Context - Blogadda is conducting a contest (Game of Blogs) where it chooses 10 random bloggers per team to write fiction based on 5 character description it provided. Each blogger has to continue the story from where the previous team member left off.

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Chapter 16

After a long day at work, where he somehow managed to convince the Judge to grant interim injunction to Aryan, Cyrus had found solace in writing on his blog. In solitude of his hotel room he kept jotting down line after line. I had been only second time since the unfortunate accident that he had been updating his blog as he had been busy hoping cities. 

He had been a voracious blogger, but thanks to the excruciating pain in the fractured leg and the incessant traveling he had been left with no time to blog as often as he would have rather liked.

From his blog that night:

Life has been a roller coaster ride since last many days, from the extreme urge of showing up someone's door unannounced to the ill fated accident, to the inexorable traveling across the length and breadth of the country, to have been landed up with a case which I have no idea how I would defend…phew!!

This reminds of what a friend said on her page Life – As I See It – “Life never said it would be easy, it is just worthwhile”

She further wrote “Whenever someone says I will be there forever, come whatever may, remember the definition of forever- come whatever may is as per their books and not yours”

This re-instills that belief in me that it’s not always the person that is wrong, but the circumstances that are.

At times our perceptions overgrow our relations, we tend to preconceive a lot about a persons behaviour or their reactions to what we say or do. It’s not about them but about us that has changed and leads to complications. We are busy concentrating on the negatives rather than focusing our energies on the positives.

The gentleman who crashed into me could have easily run away leaving me to die. But he took me to the hospital, tried to reach my near and dear ones, stayed back till I was all fine, inquired about my health and needs and did everything he could. I could have simply dismissed it as his moral duty. But then he wasn’t coerced into doing it, he voluntarily took that up. Accident was as unfortunate for him as it was for me. There is nothing pleasant about such things, but we are quick to draw inference that one isn’t injured is at fault without even knowing what was the cause of the accident. We have instilled this belief deep within our minds and is engraved n our nature and thinking.

So today I take pledge to not run away from doing the right thing no matter whatever the difficulty and also do atleast one god deed if not more every day.

It was 9PM and he had to join Aryan is his room who too had lodged in the same hotel, for dinner to discuss the case in an hours time. They hadn’t really had anytime to discuss anything as Aryan had been served a summons just a couple of days before the date of hearing. He started making notes for the same.

Jennifer being a regular reader of Cyrus’s blog had read that and messaged him out of concern about the case.

He had replied her simply explaining her infringement of the photograph keeping the legal nitty-gritty away.

She immediately offered help informing him that, being a photo journalist she is registered with the State Association and can run through their database, if that can be of any help.

Cyrus who was desperately looking for some way through to crack this case mailed her the photograph right away.

On opening the photograph she was shocked to see that it had been clicked by her and she had recently given it to a colleague’s friend to publish in a magazine alongside a article.

On learning this Cyrus got a shot in arm. He had finally found the break through and it was like a pot of gold. He persistently requested Jennifer to come over to Delhi and appear as a decisive witness. He explained the importance of her appearing as a witness and its evidentiary value. He tried everything possible to convince Jennifer to appear in the case as a witness.

However Jennifer informed that she would get back to him in a day’s time.

He simply replied – sure!! Concluding with a good night smiley :)

Jennifer was now in two minds, uncertain whether to go ahead selflessly and help a friend in distress or be selfish and stay back without risking (even if hypothetically thinking) the yet to be born fetus in her womb. She decided to ask for Kumar’s opinion in the night and take a final call thereafter.

Shutting the laptop in the study she headed for the bedroom with thoughts spinning webs in her mind.

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