Thursday, October 30, 2014

Book Bond - Tata Mumbai Lit Fest

When book lovers and lovers for writing and literature of all sorts meet, it takes the atmosphere to another level all together. When the said meet is graced by two eminent literary personalities like the legendary Anil Dharker and the genius Ashwin Sanghi .

On the occasion of the Tata Mumbai Lit Fest the Fifth Mumbai International Literary Festival, Thursday, 30th Oct. to Sunday, 2nd Nov 2014, a Meet-and-Greet was organised by Tata for a peek-a-boo into the event vide conversation with Anil and Ashwin.

Anil, Founder and Festival Director, Tata Literature Live, face of the Mumbai LitFest opened the talks and took us through the event and Ashwin in turn shared anecdotes of his brush with the earlier editions of the event.

After the house was thrown open, Ashwin was at his wittiest best. He was candid, frank and forthcoming. He gave us some wise and some canny tips going forward, from being persistent to having a peg of whisky :P
It went on and on….

"We are now beginning to appreciate the fact that India is a country of stories ~ Ashwin"
there were many a stories that got rapt attention and were well appreciated!!!

"Poetry is the purest distillation of literature. So many thoughts in so little words ~ Anil"
he has always and in all ways been awe inspiring with his writing or otherwise

"At the end of the day, I've never thought of myself as a writer. I think of this as storytelling ~ Ashwin"
and he is a simply amazing at that

"The largest number of books I've signed in one day? 7000 ~ Ashwin"
I am sure this was just a walk in the park for him!!!

“A writer is usually never caught without a pen ~ Ashwin”
sometimes he just runs out of ink :P

There are few other thoughts he expressed and i am in complete agreement there ~

"Write what you want to write. A genre will be created around it"

"Every child should be lucky enough to have parents who fill their childhood with books"

"What really has changed in India is not the writer. It is the reader"

"In the literary world, marketing is looked down upon. Market your books as creatively as you wrote them."

Here’s all that you would want to know about the LitFest:

Day One

Day Four


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