Sunday, May 8, 2016

An Ode to Maa

To tribute my Mother who I fondly call #Maa even using all alphabets in all probable attributable words would not be enough and certainly not enough is a day. So I do it in my small way. We always get interested in celebrating things on a larger scale and in grand style. But what we forget is life is celebrated the most in mundane and smaller things that we do and appreciate in the simplest way.

So when I wrote about Maa in one of my earlier posts "Mother" the first thing that struck me was that she risked herself for me to even breathe for the first time and see this world, she is my candle, my light – my begetter, my divine. She is my god; here you will find why - My Namesake for God.

I take every moment that I get to appreciate her and do it profoundly, with simply helping her do the kitchen chores, to cook lunches and dinners with her, happily surprise her by serving her with favorite dishes for breakfast before she gets up (only sometimes, most days she is up before me), to acknowledging her when she sews the buttons of my shirt early morning so that I can look my best during presentation at work that day, and to buy her, her beloved ice-cream when we have had our share of arguments and many such moments but the most important thing is I walk upto her and say “Sorry” when I have been wrong and have been unreasonable with her even to the slightest alongwith that ice-cream ;)

Here are my two cents in her appreciation:

You have given me life,
You taught me to stride,
My back you keep,
Whenever I break and weep,

You raised me right,
To educate me bright,
You put up a fight,

Then Fate gave you the blow,
Your amour was busted,
Your shield had to go,
Even as you lost consort,
To whine, you did not resort,
You shaped my life,
You turned me in a bort,

You don’t sleep,
Till I am in sight,
Even if it’s three in the night,
When world is against me,
You are my knight,

To tribute you Maa,
I say, you are even my Paa,
All words together are not enough,
Not enough is a day,
Whatever I am today,
Whatever I will ever be,
Indebted to you,
I will forever be!



  1. Such a lovely tribute <3
    God bless you both! :)

    Mine is here, if you get time to read:

    1. Thank you so much Shalini :)
      your post on the unflinching perseverance of your parents being true soulmates is very endearing :)

  2. A very beautiful and touching tribute! Loved it. 😊

    1. thank you so much Ramya, glad you loved it :)

  3. Very touching and cathartic… both the poem and your words otherwise. An apt tribute! <3

    1. aww thanks so much for such kind words :)
      welcome to scribble Darshana :)

  4. Loved it..Nobody can take a mom's place and this is such a nice tribute to your mom.
    I recently wrote about moms too-

    1. I totally agree there Deepa, will surely visit :)

  5. Moms are special. I hope being a mom someday my kids will write a poem for me as well. Wishful thinking :)!

    1. Every mom is special and they will certainly express it in their own way Prerna :)

  6. Touching, God cannot be present with everyone, hence he created mother

  7. Summed up Ma perfectly in poem. Nice post Karan. #UpMyRank


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