Monday, September 2, 2013


As a part of the Write Tribe Festival of Words which kickstarts today and will go on till September 7, I am writing about the 7 relations in my life, without even one of them my life would lose its meaning. These seven people are very dear to me and I hold them very close.

Father –

Father is a man in relation to his child or children as defined by the dictionary.

But in literal meaning the person giving meaning to this word is way more than just a male parent. For me he is the one who not only gave me life but also thought me living. From petty issues to the cyclonic challenges life has thrown at me, he has guided me through it all. He has stood by me like a rock. He has rallied all his energies around me and had always made sure I have come out safe. For me he is my only hero and he is my role model. Brought up in humble circumstances, from starving to selling fruits and vegetables at fairs he had done it all. But never once did arrogance enter him even after he made it big all by his own.

Bringing up a joint family of 15 members, he had to cater to the needs of all. Even then I never had to fight for my share of his care and time. I always had it in abundance.

On a breezy afternoon of February 86’ I was born – and so was it, his birth as a father

I weighed a couple of kgs
and few ounces
It was him,
the first person
to latch onto me and hold
I was told
I would have one demand
he fulfilled it manifold

Atop his shoulders,
of the world, I took a view
Holding his hand,
my first steps I took,
always laid back on him,
slowly I grew

On all my birthdays,
He wanted me clicked,
How kiddish
I always cribbed
Today they are memories,
to him forever I'm indebted

He stood tall and mighty,
while he was always hearty
Whenever I needed support
he understood
rallied around me
by me he always stood

He was my strength,
my courage, my energy,
in him i always found
compassion, belief and love,
in his eyes I saw
but fate hit a body blow,
my armor was busted by an arrow,
my shield had to go

I wish I had more of him
today I have no ignominy
if I cry for a rebirth
and if they do exist
I again want be his son
with more time mother earth

                                                                        ~ KARAN

 Write Tribe Festival of Words

Write Tribe


  1. Karan, I wish I could pen a verse like this as a tribute to the people in my life. My regret is also, "I wish I had more of him."

    Liking how we had thought of similar things to write for the Sevens.

    Thanks for this one :)

    Joy always,

    1. thanks for dropping by Susan...hope to see you often
      even i was pleased to see that there was someone who has thought of similar things to write for the Sevens :)

  2. I'm a little sad after reading this...but this is such a lovely poem you have written for him. Heartwarming!

    1. thank yo so much for dropping by...i'm pleased that you could feel the warmth of the words :)

  3. That was beautiful. I wish I had your talent of writing. You've made such a beautiful tribute to your father.

    1. thank you for such kind words I'm truly humbled :)


~ Thanks for sharing your thoughts, keep reflecting ~

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