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As a part of the Write Tribe Festival of Words which kickstarts on September 1 and will go on till September 7, I am writing about the 7 relations in my life, without even one of them my life would lose its meaning. These seven people are very dear to me and I hold them very close.

Mother -

The person of paramount importance for me in this universe. She is the one who is my creator and not the almighty. She is the one who is made me what I am today and what I will ever be. She has risked herself so that I could get the world to see. She is my candle, my light – my begetter, my divine – I call her ‘Maa’.

There is a saying in Marathi – "svaamaI itnhI jagaacaa¸ Aa[- ivaNaa iBakarI" (which in literal meaning is the Bmoc (God) of all three worlds is a beggar without a mother). Then in English they say - “God could not be everywhere and so he created Mothers”. There are lacs of attributes pouring in daily from the great souls all across the world but still all words of this universe will become belittle to write about this humongous personality.

She risked her life to bring me to life and still for her I am the greatest prize. When I am ill she feels my irritation and my pain. She is awake all night so that I can sleep in peace. When I’m unable to sleep and feel insomniac and weak, just her pats on the forehead works wonders. At times when I would have arguments and squabbles with my cousins or friends I would offer no talks and resign to my bed without having food. After a while she would quietly enter with my food and feed me with her own hands. The squabble would have been long forgotten by then. At times I would pretend that I am sleepy so that I could enjoy the coziness and warmth of her lap. Till date I long for the sleep in that lap and times when I am back home I do take that liberties with her.

With my father around everything was at her disposal and me and my brother would get a lot of her attention. But with a sudden stroke of fate her world turned upside down. But the passing away of my father did not break her because she was resolved to cater to us and my grandparents and uncles who looked upto her for advice. She responded with new found vigor. This is where I learned the first trait of her multifaceted personality and it has stayed with me till date. “In the face of diversity make your resolve stronger. It’s you who helps yourself and no one else” she had said.

From then one she has never looked back. She has been there for us in thick and thin. She had to give more time to my younger brother who was just 10 then. We understand each other really well, so I was fine with that. We have been each others support system all throughout. We have developed telepathy over the years and that really helps us. Sometimes when we are discussing some new development or renovation over dinner we’ll be like, ‘Do you think...?’ ‘Hmm.’ ‘But what about the...?’ ‘Yeah that’s right.’  And other’s are like Hello? Did we miss something? Are we changing anything? They absolutely would have no idea what his happening. And we have a hearty laugh.

She is the one who has held us together and strong after the untimely demise of my father. The respect she got from my grandparents in their lifetime and what she gets from all other members of our one big joint family is unparalleled. She is not only a mother to me and my brother, but to the rest of the family as well being the head of the family.

what I’m today
what I’ll ever be,
you risked yourself
so the world I could see

from the day I was born,
you’ve cradled me on

on the line you put your life,
just to bring me alive

you raised me with all your might,
for me, the world you fight,
your borne excruciating pain
simply to see me in delight

you wipe my tears,
put my sorrows away,
with my worries,
you always have your way,
for me your lips always pray,
your hands guide my way
you give me strength,
teach me intellect
to lead my way

you are my candle
you burn,
so that I can glow
you are my sun & moon,
you are my tree
you always protect me
through you the world I see

for me the world you define
you’re my desert rose
you’re my best prose
you are my divine

forever yours maa

Write Tribe Festival of Words 

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  1. A nice poem and can feel the love for Maa.
    She risked herself so that I could come into this world. How true. Delivery of a child is considered a second birth for the mother.

    1. yes indeed its her second birth and she's reborn as a mother this time

  2. Karan this is wonderful tribute to your mother...

  3. Haviing lost my dad I realise tht nobody abs nobody loves us as unconditinally as our parents

    1. yes Mina there is no match for the love of parents

  4. Loved the beautiful tribute, agan Karan

    the poem was touchy :)

  5. Your mother is a very wise person, i must say. “In the face of diversity make your resolve stronger. It’s you who helps yourself and no one else” ...excellent ! This is something I relate to so well. I loved the poem for your mommie. God bless ya!

  6. Mata, Pita, Guru is the order, isn't it? Moms are the best!

  7. Your post is such a wonderfully touching tribute to your mother beautifully written...

  8. A heart warming to ur mom. Mothers are like that only and I used to pretend sleeping while mom or dad entered the room when I ws cross. When I was in Mumbai, Dad passed away and Mom took over and how! God made mothers' so strong:)

    1. yes Vishal mother's are very strong and are a great support always :)

  9. This is such a wonderful tribute to your mother. She has every reason to be so proud of you.


  10. Oh karan she's truly a women of substance.Taking care of the family single handedly is indeed commendable.Now as you are grown up,its your duty to look after her.........

  11. What a sweet post Karan. I could feel the depth of your love for your mom. Such a nice tribute. Lovely.

    1. hey Suzy thank you so much for such kinds words...means a lot :)


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