Thursday, April 14, 2016


I am participating in A to Z Challenge 2016 where we write 26 posts in a month each day on one word from A to Z barring Sunday's.  Today's word is "L".

My theme is “Human Characteristics”.  Today I chose “Love”.

Love has compassion
Love is kind

If you speak human and boast of an beatific tongue,
But don’t have love,
Your words will always be wrong,
You would have nothing left in the trove,

Love has passion
Love isn’t blind

If your hearts beating a patriotic song,
But you don’t have love
It’s just resonating empty gong

Love is angelic
Love has hope
Loves has belief
Love helps cope

If you seek worldly bliss,
Possess all the strength and means,
Without love it is all in vain,
At cessation, there will be no gain.


We keep running behind materialistic things and forget about people who need us and vice-versa. In our quest of worldly pleasure we forget to simple things in life which bring happiness and the biggest of all is to have love in our life without which there is absolutely nothing of gain that we will take to our tomb.


~ Thanks for sharing your thoughts, keep reflecting ~

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