Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Being Human

Second day of this year’s National Poetry Writing Month. For today’s prompt we had to visit Red Livingston’s Bibliomancy Oracle.

We have to write a poem based on the quotation the Oracle provides.
My quotation is:

"If you wander far enough
you will come to it
and when you get there
they will give you a place to sit"
                                                       ˜ from “Oh No” by Robert Creeley


I am participating in A to Z Challenge 2014 where we write 26 posts in a month each day on one word from A to Z barring Sunday's. Today's word is "B".

Inspired from the current political scenario in India I have penned this on basis of the above quotation:

Source: Google Images

a Muslim or a Hindu,
a Christian or a Jew,
I don’t know, who are you,
does that really matter?
your religion, more than you?

one claims to be your protector,
another promises hope,
tells you not to deter,
 it is just a veil,
your vote they want to seal,

what have you achieved?
as a dived lot,
and what have they got,
coming together rather,
we should have fought,
without fearing any batter

Bible, Quran or Geeta, whatever you call,
all they preach is, divination to one and all,
the crux of each of them is same,
only to understand, we have to aim

making that effort will give us a hue,
from them we should take our clue,
its not caste nor creed,
but being human is all we need


herebelow are my friends and co-bloggers who are also participating in NapoWrimo:


  1. Wow....this rhythmic description is the best part about the political scenario right now :)

  2. Wow....this rhythmic description is the best part about the political scenario right now :)

  3. Well said, being a human is all that we need. And there is so little of that going around. We fail to see what we have in common, and see only the differences.

    1. yes so true, we surely fail to see the things in common as we are desperate to beat each other to the finish line.

  4. This poem is the mantra for the public to vote ethically.

    1. I hope people realise its not about the colour of the flag, the money offered or the caste of the candidate, but things much more important than all of these and they truly matter in the interest of the country.

  5. Really a wonderful message here. Hope to see the change we badly need.

    1. as they say, be the change you want to see. Lets start with this with the hope that it spreads like fire across the country and turns into a huge wave of mass revolution.

  6. aah ! How nicely put Karan. Yes Being Human is all we need

  7. I wrote a post called Being Human too once. But it was prose, not poetry. :)

    1. would surely love to read it :) can you please share the link.

  8. This could easily become an anthem...beautifully expressed!

    1. ahhh thank you so much for such kind words JAM, you made my day :)

  9. Vote-bank politics summed up in poetry. Apt and impactful.

  10. Vote-bank gimmicks into poetry! Great idea!

  11. Wow! Superbly described! Perfect in the current situation of election turmoil!

  12. This is a wonderful poem and so relevant at this time of the year. :)

    1. relevancy of our close minds will go on and on till it changes, it is a continuous process, which I hope comes to an end sooner than later.

  13. Wonderfully described the current political scenario into a poem!! Hope voters come out and vote with their senses wide open and hope that political parties get the message.


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